50 Passenger Party Bus

Orange County 50 Party Passenger Party Bus Service

Fresh out of the factory and full equipped with the latest gadgetry and safety features, our 50 passenger party bus is perfect for large groups that know good things when they see them! These brand new rental party buses are just itching to get out on the road and make someone’s night, whether it’s a school event, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or just a fun night on the town! With a 50 person capacity party bus rental, you can imagine the sheer size and ferocity of this massive behemoth! You’ll be able to party like a rock star in privacy with tinted windows and darkened exterior, making all who see you drive by jealous of your swag! The party doesn’t start until you pull up in your party bus rental surrounded by your 49 friends! Don’t miss out on a great night just because you’re not sure everyone can find a ride to the event! For cheaper than a taxi per person, you can ride in style and comfort, all in your own luxurious rental party bus.

Things to do in a 50 Passenger Party Bus Rental in Orange County

In the mood for something a little more sophisticated than your average night on the town? May we suggest the Laguna Canyon Winery, perchance? Taste the finest wines known to man at this winery, hand-made with the utmost care in southern California. Not only known for their amazing tasting wine, but also their top of the line service. Go wild with your taste buds – after all, you don’t have to drive home afterwards! Let out your crazy side and make sure you get home safely in a party bus rental big enough to hold you and your friends. In the mood for something a little less dressy? Why not try out the Rose Bowl? Whether it’s a football game or an outdoor market, you’re going to have yourself a great time either cheering on your favorite team or shopping around for great deals and unique items.

Whether it’s saving money on unique, one-of-a-kind items, or cheering on your favorite team, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to the Rose Bowl, and in a rental party bus to boot! Maybe you’re into getting your adrenaline pumping, making sure the transition from your ride in your party bus rental to your destination doesn’t leave you disappointed and unenthusiastic. If that’s the case, then book your tickets now to the Long Beach Grand Prix, the longest running “street” racing arena in North America. Watch in awe as the professional drivers race for glory and bragging rights, all while narrowly avoiding crashing at the slightest turn of the wheel. You’re sure to keep the blood pumping all day and night, from party bus to Grand Prix and back! Everyone’s happy, no matter what the destination, when you travel in a party bus!