40 Passenger Party Bus

40 Passenger Party Bus Rental Service in Orange County

With a party bus rental big enough for you and 39 friends, how can you not resist a night on the town? This luxurious rental party bus is sure to make any night special, and with the added comfortable interior and dance floor, you can travel in style, dancing or socializing any way you see fit. Perfect from a group of friends going to prom, a couple of ladies doing a bachelorette party, or a couple of the fellas celebrating their friend’s last night of freedom with a bachelor party! This party bus has the ability to fit 38 Adults and 40-42 young adults, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch your legs and test your moves against your friends. See who can dance the best, or practice your moves on the way to the club or school event! Instead of everyone bunching into ten different cars, why can’t everyone just go together? With our 40 passenger party bus rental, it’s now possible! Don’t forget about the added safety of three “vertical safety polls” – if you know what we mean! Stay with your friends all night long, and don’t worry about driving when you’ve partied yourself to exhaustion – let our chauffeur ferry you back to your house in safety and style!

Things to do in a 40 Passenger Party Bus Rental in Orange County

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