28 Passenger Party Bus

Orange County 28 Passenger Party Rental Service

Feeling like your Friday night won’t be as exciting as you want it to be? Then spice it up with a party bus! Our 28 passenger party bus rental is sure to delight and entertain one and all! Spread out your arms and kick up your feet! This roomy bus holds 26 adults and 28 young adults/teens comfortably, so you’re sure to not have your personal bubble popped in this vehicle. Feel like a famous movie star in your private party bus rental, a personal club for you and your friends! You favorite jams a must have for a perfect night out? We got you covered – a full loaded sound system and fiber optic lighting means that you’ll feel right at home – if you live in the coolest place on earth, that is! With the comfiest seats known to man and a spacious dance floor, you won’t be able to decide if it’s better to dance or to relax! So make sure you chose only the very best for your night out – rest assured, ULC Party Bus rentals will make sure that your party bus is in the most awesome condition to help make your night a super success!

Things to do in a 28 Passenger Party Bus Rental in OC

Feeling lucky tonight? Then stop by the Pechanga Resort and Casino and see just how much your luck is worth! Everybody’s a winner when you travel around in a rental party bus, and those who strike it rich have the added benefit of a private after party on wheels afterwards! No matter what, you’re going to have a great time traveling in a party on wheels. If the rush of the slots doesn’t appeal to you, then why not try out The Grove? If you want to go shopping for the latest fashions, dine on the finest cuisines, or watch the newest premier movie coming out in theatres. There’s plenty of fun for everyone, and when you add a party bus to the equation, you’re sure to have a good time. Any history buffs in the group? Then head on over to the Greek Theatre and see your favorite bands live on stage! Don’t be fooled by the name – they play classical, reggae, pop, and even rock at this joint, and have never been known to disappoint. Listen to your favorite band as you rock out on your way to the concert in your party bus, and then hear them play live and sing along with everyone else in the theater! Unlike its name, this night won’t be a Greek tragedy, so long as you rent your party bus from ULC Party Bus! Everyone can have the night they want and deserve, you just have to agree on where you’re all going first!