20 Passenger Party Bus

Orange County 20 Passenger Party Bus Rental Service

Want to spend a night with your favorite friends in a rental party bus that’s just the right size? Try out our 20 passenger party bus rental, perfect for small groups that don’t need all the running around room. Still spacious enough that you don’t feel like sardines in a can, but big enough to accommodate 20 adults and 22 young adults/teens, this bus definitely has bang for its buck. Plug in your phone or mp3, brush off your dancing shoes, and you’re ready to have a fun time in a luxurious 20 passenger party bus rental. With a serious sound system loud enough to keep everyone awake and a fiber optic system dazzling enough to entrance anyone, you’re fully stocked for the ultimate party bus experience.

Things to do in a 20 Passenger Party Bus in Orange County

Any sports fans in the group? Well then head on over to the Honda Center to watch our hometown heroes- The Anaheim Ducks! Nothing says a good time like watching hockey players smash each other into walls, race around the rink after a puck, and start fighting each other at a moments notice. The glory, the excitement, the thrill of the game! Make sure you and your friends all wear your team colors – and that you don’t spill anything on your jerseys while heading to the game in a rocking party bus rental! But we understand not everyone is a die-hard sports fan. So maybe heading over to the House of Blues is more appropriate – drinks, music, entertainment, the works! Mellow out with your friends as you listen to great music and enjoy the atmosphere around you in a roomy party bus. Don’t forget you also get to go home on a party bus rental, so make sure to save some energy for later! If that’s not thrilling enough, then check out Pirate’s Dinner Adventure! Swashbuckling, scurvy dogs try to take over the high seas, fighting and shooting their way to their goals – all while you watch and enjoy a three course meal! If the high seas are calling your name, then don’t wait a minute more – take our hardy vessel over to make a night you won’t easily forget!