20 Passenger Party Bus




11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 467 Los Angeles, CA 90064

From $125/hour

Call Now: (310) 272-5543


Seating up to 20 Children and 18 Adults




Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary


Disco Lights, Fiber Optics, Neon Lights, Strobe Lights


Premium Sound system


Los Angeles 20 Passenger Party Bus Rental Service

This party bus is perfect for those intimate get-togethers where it’s a “members only” kind of party. Privacy is no problem in this party bus rental, as it has darkened exterior and fiber optic lights on the inside. You can cozy up together, or have a dance fest in this roomy vehicle. Plug in an iPod or mp3 player and you’ve got yourself a private party on wheels. This 20 passenger party bus can fit 18 adults or 20-22 young adults, so it’s got just enough room to fit a couple of party animals, or a close bunch of friends going to a school dance or prom event. Want to party in style, but not break the bank to do so? Then this is the perfect bus for you! No need to empty your wallet just to get a private mobile hotspot for fun – get a ride that fits you budget, but exceeds your expectations!

Things to do in a 20 Passenger Party Bus Rental in Los Angeles

Have a couple of avid movie lovers in the group? Then stop by Universal Studios to get the behind the scenes action of your favorite films. Themed for every season, this amusement park is sure to delight and entertain everyone, even those thrill seekers! With the newly added King Kong 3D 360 portion of the tram tour, you’re sure to have your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping! Rent a party bus and cruise on down for a fun filled day at Universal, where your party never has to end. For the stargazers and deep thinkers, a trip to the Griffith Observatory would be a real treat. You can take time in your light show of a party bus to get used to the darkened atmosphere of the observatory, and learn all about our solar system and planets. Find out why we can only see one side of the moon from Earth, seasons are opposite for people on the other side of the equator, and why space is so cold. Take a seat under the stars in the calming environment – quite a moment of relaxation after a trip on our party bus rental service! If you think you might fall asleep in such a tranquil place, maybe venture out to the TCL Chinese Theatre and catch a newly released flick everyone wants to see. With an oriental vibe mixed with Hollywood, you’ll always feel a little special walking in to this place. Why watch a comedy at your place on that tiny screen when you can travel in a mobile party with friends and watch the latest blockbuster together? Whatever your group wants to do, make sure you do it in style – with a ULC Party Bus!

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